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Cupid’s Hearts - Balloons Party Cube

Created by Oh Happy Day

As I’m writing this I’m eyeing the recent explosion of ‘pink’ posts on Oh Happy Day and thinking it may seem a little extreme if not for the fact that pink is THE BOMB and we must all bow down to The God of Pink so, phew.

Anyway, back to the regularly scheduled programming… If you’re in love with our mini heart balloons as much as I am, you’ll think this project of turning them into mini Cupid’s Hearts is the gosh darn cutest thing ever. And you’d be right. Gorgeous for photo booth props, party favors or just a cute gift for your current crush.

Materials: 6″ heart balloons, 12″ balloons sticks, Colored cardstock, Gold straws, Gold spray paint, Scissors, Glue gun, Ruler, Pencil, Paint Pen (optional)

Step 1: Print out the template onto colored cardstock and cut out the hearts and arrows. Step 2: With a ruler, measure the straw every 3″ inches then cut. You will need 2 3″ pieces per balloon. Step 3: Blow up the heart balloon. Step 4: Using the hot glue, attach a straw to each side of the balloon. Step 5: Glue the heart to the top straw. Step 6: Make two cuts to the second straw (no more than half an inch) and insert the ends of the arrow into them. Step 7: Spray paint the balloons sticks gold. Step 8: Attach your finished balloon to the balloon stick. Step 9: Use paint pen if you choose to write a message on face of balloon.

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